How to Become a Lord or Lady in Ireland

You may have grown up dreaming of Lords and Ladies.  Maybe you have read about them in books or have seen them in the movies. Well, thanks to Celtic Titles, you now have the chance to join the elite, as you too can become a Lord or Lady in Ireland*.

How to get the title of Lord in Ireland

The title ‘Lord’ in Ireland dates back to the medieval era when Lords would rule over the country. The title was acquired with the acquisition of land, which could then be passed directly to new owners, either upon sale or inheritance.

Fast forward to the present day and Lord titles are still used to mark positions of importance. Although the titles are less likely to be acquired through battle, these titles can still be difficult to come by.

There are 3 traditional routes you can take to get the title of Lord in Ireland:

  1. Marriage. All you have to do is find the love of your life who happens to have a title. Sounds easy enough.
  2. House of Lords. Be appointed by the Prime Minister and Queen to the House of Lords. An option.
  3. Lord of the Manor. These titles are acquired when purchasing land. An expense that could empty your bank account.

If these options seem a bit out of reach, don’t worry your dream of becoming a Lord in Ireland is not over. Buying a plot of land through Celtic titles, entitles you to all the benefits of being a lord, without the hassle or great expense.

What is an Irish Lord called?

A Lord in Ireland typically refers to a landowner – a connection so strong that in Gaelic, the ancient language of Ireland, the word “Tirana” stands for both “landowner” and “Lord”. 

However, if you want your title to be more specific to your Irish ties, you could call yourself a Scuibhéir (from Gaelic) or Squire (from English), both of which imply “Irish Landowner.”

Become a Lord or Lady with Celtic Titles*

What it means to be a Lord or Lady of Ardmore

When you purchase a plot of land from Celtic titles, you can refer to yourself as a Lord or Lady of Ardmore. Ardmore marks the region where your land resides as all of our plots are based on the Celtic Titles Reserve in Ardmore, near Derry. 

Your souvenir plot comes with many benefits: including a gift pack with a personalised certificate commemorating your new title! This gift is intended to bring a smile to our Lords and Ladies faces, however, what adds to the joy is knowing that it is serving a greater purpose. Conservation is at the heart of what we do and it is thanks to our community of Lords and Ladies that we are able to play our part in protecting Ireland’s natural landscape for generations of Lords and Ladies to enjoy. 

Gaining Your Irish Lord and Ladies Titles* couldn’t be easier!

  1. Choose your size/style of plot
  2. Fill in your information and purchase your plot
  3. Receive your personalised Celtic Titles gift pack
  4. Optional: Change name on document such as bank docs (please note that many jurisdictions will not allow you to change legal documents, such as passports or driver’s license)
  5. Optional: Accessorize with a variety of Celtic Titles Merchandise!

Live the Irish Lord & Lady VIP Lifestyle

Now that you are an Irish Lord or Lady, it is time to start acting like it. You can go and visit your new piece of land. Once you have registered your plot(s) to your Celtic Titles account you will be able to view your Ordnance Survey coordinates and view a google map showing your plot locations. These allow you to connect with and discover your very own piece of Ireland from anywhere in the world. 

If you do get the opportunity, you are welcome to come and visit your plot in person. Here, you will be able to explore the Celtic Titles Reserve and have the chance to spot many of the species that, thanks to your help, call it home.

However, if you are not able to make the trip you can still get the Lord/Lady experience in other ways. Many of our Lords and Ladies have great fun putting their titles to good use making restaurant reservations or when checking into hotels. We love to hear stories from our community where they have received upgrades as a result of their titles!