Your plot of land

Can someone inherit my plot?

Yes. Legally, you have a personal right to a souvenir plot land.  This is a form of heritable property which can be passed on to future generations.

How old do you have to be?

There is no minimum age. Anyone can be given a gift pack.

Can I visit my plot of land?

Yes, you can visit any time you like. No appointments are necessary.

Slievekirk Wood lies half way between Claudy and Drumahoe.

1.Click here for Bing Maps Directions enter your own postcode, the coordinates for the entrance on Gosheden Road are already entered (the link is their aerial view).

2. For Satnav: the nearest postcode is BT47 3TQ on Gosheden Road, as shown by the red dot on the maps: the coordinates are: N54.9363 W7.2276 for the entranceway.

Travelling from all localities, take the main A6 road between Belfast and Derry / Londonderry, and exit just to the south of Ness Bridge at the Ardmore Road, signposted for Ardmore.

There are major roadworks along the A6 between Dungiven and Drumahoe so please take care at this junction and be aware of any road closure / diversion signs.

Cross the River Faughan at the Ardmore Bridge, then take the first left onto Ardground Road followed by an immediate right onto Kildoag Road.

Turn left at the T junction at the top of the hill and follow the road round a right hand bend; when the road straightens out take a right fork onto Gosheden Road.

The entrance to Slievekirk Wood will be found on your right after approx 0.2 miles however you will need to park in the first gateway on the right to avoid blocking the road.


What can I do with my new plot of land?

We manage the land as a nature reserve, so you can take a walk around the woods, spot some wildlife and enjoy the tranquility. There are multiple photo opportunities and we encourage you to share the photos from your very own estate!

How do I know my plot is unique?

We define the exact location of each plot using the UK Ordnance Survey system which is accurate to the nearest millimetre.

We also provide you with an estimate of the latitude and longitude of your plot to help you locate it with GPS systems that do not use the OS system such as the iPhone and many inexpensive GPS devices whose primary purpose is car travel. Using such familiar items you will be able to reach the area of your plot.

Alternatively, you may use another online service such as Google Maps: simply enter the latitude and longitude as provided.

Can I plant a flag on my plot or leave a memento behind?

There is no harm in planting a flag for a photo opportunity, but if you wish to leave something behind, please make sure that it is biodegradable. We have regular clean-ups of items left behind.

Can a plot of land have multiple owners?

No.  Only one person can legally hold the right to a souvenir plot of land.

If you order a couples plot, what you actually get is 2 side by side 5 or 10 sqft plots.  Each person in the couple will receive their own plot and we will print both names on the same certificate to make it a better gift for couples.

Are there any future costs associated with ownership?


This is a single payment at the time of purchase.

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Placing an order

Why did I have to enter a date on the certificate? When will you send it?

Most people chose the date of their order for the certificate, but some people like it to be Christmas day or a birthday, for example.

We will print and send the vast majority of orders within 1 working day and always within 2 working days.

Can I buy this gift for someone else?

Yes.  The majority of customers do exactly that.

Can I order two plots next to each other?

Yes, all the plots you order at the same time will be adjacent.  If you order additional plots in the future, they will not be beside the plots you originally bought but they will be close by.

Will you tell the recipient who bought the gift?

No, this information is not provided in delivery information

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Becoming a Lord or Lady

What if I change my name?

Simply request a reissue of documents by emailing [email protected] and we will post your new personalised documents to you for a small additional charge.

Can I update my forms of identification with my title?

Some of our customers ask their bank to add their new title to their bank account and their credit cards.

Passports and driving licences do not display titles, and as such, cannot be changed.

How can you sell me a title?

We cannot sell you a title. We are simply acknowledging your right to use the title of Lord or Lady of Ardmore, which is our intellectual property. If you prefer not to assume a title, you will be given that option when you make your land purchase. Our legal advice is that “anyone can, subject to requirements of good faith, call themselves whatever they like, including “Lord” or “Lady“.” We do not know of any jurisdiction where this is not true. It is harmless fun.

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Must I register my land?

No. You cannot register your land, because this is such a small plot; specifically it is defined as a “souvenir plot”.

‘Souvenir’ plots of land have been legally defined in The Registration (Land and Deeds) (Northern Ireland) Order 1992.

Specifically, a souvenir plot means any piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size and little or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of pure ownership or for sentimental reasons or commemorative purposes.

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Questions About Payments

Is payment made securely?

Yes – payment is taken in a secure section of our website.

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Logo and Tartan

What is the tartan you use?

All Lords and ladies of Ardmore may use the All Ireland Green  tartan, one of a series of tartans produced by Lochcarron in 1997 to acknowledge the early historical and cultural links between the Scots and Irish.

Details are available in the official Tartan Registry.

Can I use your logo?

All Lords and Ladies of Ardmore are welcome to use the trademarked buckler logo, reserved for the use of landowners.



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Buy Plot Page

Where are the plots of land?

Your plot forms part of Slievekirk Wood, near Ardmore. It is roughly 6 miles south of Derry/Londonderry. The nearest postcode is BT47 3TQ.

What rights of ownership to I obtain?

Our customers obtain a “personal right” to their land. This is essentially a contract where we pass our rights to the land over to you.  So you can visit your plot, call it your own and essentially do what you please with the land within the normal confines of law (we do also retain rights to prevent the land being used for hunting and shooting).

Further you can sell or pass on the contract as you can with any property.  So the gift can be passed down the generations, not just once but forever.

Please note however that The Registration (Land and Deeds) (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 does not allow souvenir plots of land to be officially registered. This means that we remain as the registered owner of the land, which allows us to manage the land on your behalf.

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