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How Irish Are You?

Written by: Caitlin
Published: 24th August 2021, last updated: 11th August 2022

This St Patrick’s Day we are celebrating all things Irish! So today we are asking our Irish Lords and Ladies of Ardmore just how Irish they really are…

Being Irish is defined by more than just a postcode. Irish culture and traditions have followed us throughout the world and guide us through the day-to-day. Whether it be a life-long dedication to potatoes or having to explain the spelling of our name to every person we meet!

So do you feel a connection to our Emerald Isle? Play the quiz to find out just how Irish you really are!

Play the Quiz: How Irish Are You?

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Written by: Caitlin

Comments on this post

  • Elizabeth Valenzuels
    12/09/21 - 02:24

    Ancestors started in Scotland as MacClintocks, went to Ireland as McClintics, mom was a McClintic!

  • Muriel Moore
    13/10/21 - 03:54

    My father’s father was born in Ireland, not sure where. He married my grandmother in 1900 and they had three children. My father was the middle child. My mother’s family roots are tied to Scotland and deeply so. I was once thrown out of a St. Patrick’s day parade “for looking too Scottish!”

    So, your quiz says I’m 100% Irish but my people came from the Scottish Highlands.

  • Janelle Haley
    18/10/21 - 17:15

    My maternal grandmother was a Lafferty and one of her brothers researched that side of the family and had a book published on that side of the family. Ironically she marred a man with German ancestry and he was a lot more amiable than she was.

  • Wynona Janelle Haley
    18/10/21 - 17:18

    Already posted.

  • Joan Beeler
    20/10/21 - 16:20

    Father (St. Leger) came from Ennis,County Clare
    Maternal grandfather (Duggan) came from County Cork

  • Moriarty
    23/10/21 - 03:12

    Curious about O’Moriarty’s origin?

  • Robert Michael Heinrich
    24/10/21 - 06:29

    My granda, Michael Frances Darcy grew up un Bruree, county limerick. Yes he knew Dev as a young man. My grandmother, Delia O’Halloran was from Limerick City. They met and Married in New York City. My mother forced this last name on me. A terrible tragedy I have carried all these years. “God Save Ireland”.

  • Steven Sheedy
    03/11/21 - 01:21

    I’m from a long line of Irish ancestry all the way from County Clare and County Tipperary and proud of it and although I live on the east coast of Australia would love to help land conservation in my beloved family ancestral home of Ireland and become a Lord in doing so.

  • Joan rohm maiden name Webb
    22/11/21 - 16:55

    Born in Dublin Ireland raised in liverpool UK now live in US

  • Josephine
    24/11/21 - 02:18

    I know I’m Irish because my gr gr grandmother & grandfather are free Ireland their name is McKeon

  • Christine
    26/11/21 - 02:23

    My papa was born in 1898 in County Cork, sir name is McLaughlin. He moved to America at the age of 18, where he met my Nana, who’s maiden name is Sheehan. They had 8 children, 6 who lived. They lived in North Andover, Massachusetts and papa worked in the ship yard in Boston.

  • Margaret
    04/01/22 - 00:43

    My Mom’s Mom and Dad were born in County Galway. My Dad’s Mom’s Mom was born in County Mayo.

  • Maureen McKenna
    18/01/22 - 02:13

    I am first generation on both sides. My father’s family moved to Scotland for work and my mother’s family came straight over from Sligo.

  • Robert
    14/02/22 - 18:38

    My great great grandparents came from northern Ireland the Derry area

  • Ellen
    19/02/22 - 20:06

    Grandma (née O’Connell)was from County Waterford and Grandpop (Keefe) was from County Cork. Have been ‘home’ twice and cannot wait to return

  • JJ Martin
    22/02/22 - 14:07

    We are famine American Irish from Eyrecourt, County Galway 1845 and Rathmore County Kerry 1895. Worked in Ireland for fifteen years. Love Ireland but as my co-workers would say……….freaking Yank!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy toft
    27/02/22 - 00:57

    My family is the McLaughlin’s , monahan.

  • Neil Spirgeon
    10/03/22 - 16:19

    Grandfather a drummer boy/musician in the Leinster Regiment – wife’s family came from Bangor County Down. Great great grandfather was a customs officer in Antrim. Yes I think we are Irish and 100% in the quiz was not at all a surprise.

  • Harv Renaud
    10/03/22 - 16:53

    My grandfather was ascended from the O’Spillane clan. Apparently it is one of the three original clans in Ireland. His descendants travelled to Wales where the surname O’Spillane was whittled down to the surname Splane. Guess the Welsh had trouble pronouncing O’Spillane.

  • Jessica Canty
    10/03/22 - 17:15

    My 4th great grandfather was John Mooney. He was born in Ireland. He was a boy when the family came over on the Congress. Still trying to find out his parents names and where he was born. But it is cool to know that there is a reason for my absolute love for all things Irish. Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!!

  • Jacqueline Sanders
    10/03/22 - 20:57

    Our Great Grandmother was born in Canada, but came from the Irish Murphy family of Cork Ireland ,. My parents both have fascinating connections to both Ireland & Scotland

  • Craig R Munro
    10/03/22 - 21:37

    Our clan was kicked out of Scotland around 300 AD, and settled along the River Ro in Northern Ireland. Sometime in the 8th century we were asked back to fight the Vikings. During the clearances, our family moved to near Albany, in New York state, USA. We were kicked out of there during the American Revolution. I wonder how much longer we can stay in Canada, in Maxville-home of the Glengarry Highland Games.

  • Colleen Cummins Gunn
    11/03/22 - 00:52

    My fathers great grandfather came to Canada in late 1800’s. He was from Tipperary The settled in an Irish block as they were called north of London Ontario. My grandfather was born there in tiny hamlet with a crossroad and a Catholic Church in St Augustine, On. My grandfather married and English lady much to the horror of my hometown. The family was raised Catholic and the English side diminished.
    My father was in Ireland during WWII. Royal Canadian Navy, tours from St John Newfoundland to Derry. He returned 50 years later to visit the family that took him in.

  • Jocelyn Lamarre
    11/03/22 - 01:02

    My Ancestors were Boyd’s and arrived in Nova Scotia and then populated Canada..not sure if I’m more Irish than Scottish

  • Brian Howell
    11/03/22 - 10:22

    I have to go back to the seventeenth century to find my Irish family, my plot of land is in the name of Mor MacCarthy Muskerry of Desmond. they arrived on the west coast of Somerset and married into my family. I had to buy a plot in their memory. Good luck and may the Sun be always in your face.

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