Established Titles (!?) – You’re Having a Laugh

Published: 17 November 2022, last updated: 19 March 2024

The purpose of this blog post is to compare our gift offering to that of Established Titles. 

Potential customers can then decide which gift they prefer and which project they’d rather support.

Are Established Titles legitimate?

Established Titles were established in 2020, and the website is operated by Galton Voysey in Hong Kong.  They have also used the brand names Northern Titles, Historic Titles and Esteemed Titles on identical websites, although two of these sites now show a ‘coming soon’ screen and one seems to have disappeared.

Their basic gift pack is a PDF certificate for $50.  You can pay an extra $30 to receive a printed certificate and another $59 to get it framed.

They have been running an 80% discount code for more than 12 months, so don’t pay too much attention to the RRP!

Does Established Titles sell land and plant trees?

Galton Voysey own some land in Scotland which they purport to sell as souvenir plots to their Established/Northern/Historic/Esteemed Titles customers.

Having seen their gift offering, we are confident that they aren’t actually selling the land because they omit key details.

Do they plant trees? 

There is no evidence that anyone from Galton Voysey has even visited Scotland.  They’re in Hong Kong and have no boots on the ground.  They do claim, however, to plant a tree for every order received.  So how do they justify this claim?  By partnering with other tree planting projects – One Tree Planted and Trees For The Future.

Both One Tree Planted and Trees For The Future are genuine projects and we’d encourage anyone to support those superb organisations directly….. but neither organisation plants trees in Scotland so just take the Established Titles claim to be interested in preserving and protecting woodland in Scotland with a pinch of salt.

There is no evidence whatsoever of Established Titles doing any conservation work in Scotland.

This image from Google shows the listing of their “nature preserve”…..

which is strange, because this address doesn’t actually feature anywhere on their website and it obviously isn’t a nature preserve.  You’d struggle to find a square foot of grass in Haymarket….

How does Celtic Titles compare with Established Titles?

  • We are genuinely selling souvenir plots of land
  • Our company has a track record over the last 15 years
  • Our flagship nature reserve is an official tourist attraction in Scotland
  • Our conservation work has been featured by National Geographic
  • We meet thousands of our customers face-to-face every year
  • Our gift pack is far more substantial
  • Read our awesome reviews on Trustpilot

What you should do next...

  1. Browse our plots to claim your title of Lord or Lady of the Ardmore
  2. Add any extra gifts and accessories, inspired by Irish traditions
  3. Receive your gift pack in the post and enjoy!